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Even Though the Stars Opined…

by Chance Lee Joyner

James Patterson by James Patterson: The Stories of my Life by James Patterson, read by James Patterson

Before he made himself into a brand, James Patterson helped create them. Did you know that America’s richest author was also responsible for the Toys R Us jingle of the 1980s? In his self-titled memoir Uncle Jimmy shares the stories of his days as an ad executive, his struggle to first get published, and his beef with Stephen King. Even if you’ve never read a Patterson novel before, this is a must-listen. 

Paris: The Memoir by Paris Hilton, read by Paris Hilton

You know Paris Hilton. But you don’t really know Paris Hilton. In her memoir, Paris discards the dumb blonde act that made her famous and writes candidly about the many incidents that shaped her life. Before she was a household name, her family paid a private boarding school to kidnap her. Her harrowing story of surviving the Provo Canyon School is only the beginning. Paris came out stronger on the other side of all her struggles. Of course, being a multi-millionaire doesn’t hurt, but her story shows her immense intelligence and strength.

All the Women in My Brain: And Other Concerns by Betty Gilpin, read by Betty Gilpin

You may not know Betty Gilpin, but you’ve seen her if you’ve watched Nurse Jackie, GLOW, or the action-thriller The Hunt. She always steals the show, yet her career failed to take off. In this memoir, Gilpin tells the story of her career’s slow rise and fast fall with humility and humor. Although she is still acting, the book reads like a eulogy for her career. However, this book is brimming with wild analogies and insane observations. Should Gilpin retire from acting – willingly or not – she is sure to have a vibrant second career as a writer. 

Down the Drain by Julia Fox, read by Julia Fox

Before her book was even finished, Julia Fox told Variety it was a “masterpiece.” She was right. With sharp insight, Fox tells her story of growing up in NYC, becoming a “hood celebrity,” and eventually co-starring alongside Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. She dishes on Kanye West, writes rawly about her own drug addiction, and tells many stories about her tumultuous childhood. A particularly memorable one is when a priest slaps her in front of the body of John Paul II in the Vatican. Fox’s story is a true rags-to-riches tale and of great triumph in our modern age. 

The Woman in Me by Britney Spears, read by Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek, Brokeback Mountain) gives the performance of a lifetime as the narrator of Britney Spears’s much-anticipated tell-all book. Williams imbues her narration with warmth, charm, and spirit, as well as rugged determination when telling the story of Spears’s controlling conservatorship. Britney’s story is an inspiring one of perseverance and finding one’s identity after a lifetime under control of another.