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The Tyngsborough Public Library now uses services from 'Wowbrary' to inform you about recent additions to our offerings.
One feature is the dynamic slide-show below, showing new items.

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This new feature enables a weekly newsletter focused on new items.
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The Tyngsborough Public Library offers its patrons free "Wowbrary" email alerts that showcase the library's newest items each week. The alerts feature the latest bestsellers, movies, music CDs, audio books, children's titles, cookbooks, mysteries, travel guides, health books, science fiction and more purchased by the library.

Want to check it out before signing up?  Take a look at this week's newsletter.
Wowbrary alerts are extremely convenient and quickly show what's new, whether checked out or not,  all from the convenience of one's home, work, or school computer. Wowbrary alerts are free and do not require a library card.  Go to www.wowbrary.org to sign up or learn more.


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Library Card

How do I get a library card?


Go to the Library with photo identification that shows your name and Tyngsborough address, and has your signature.  The easiest form of ID is a Massachusetts Driver’s License or State ID card showing your current address.  Another alternative is to bring a letter that came to you in the mail, in conjunction with a form of photo ID that bears your signature such as a health card, student ID, or credit card. 


Borrowing privileges at the Tyngsborough Public Library are extended to:


  1. Individuals who are residents of any Massachusetts community that is certified in the State Aid to Libraries Program,
  2. Residents of other states who pay an annual fee set by the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC)
         or have been granted a local-use-only card,
  3. Educational and other not for profit institutions located in Tyngsborough.
         (See Institutional Borrower Card)


Individual Borrower Card


A borrower card will be issued to any Tyngsborough resident who has completed kindergarten, or is over 6 years of age.


Residents of MVLC communities must use their hometown MVLC cards without obtaining a Tyngsborough card.  Residents of Massachusetts residing in towns outside of the MVLC consortium must have a card from their hometown library, which will be entered into the MVLC system.


Residents of states other than Massachusetts will be charged an annual $75 per person fee for to obtain a borrower card.  Teachers and town employees who live out of state may be eligible for borrowing privileges through their employers’ Institutional Borrower Cards.


Institutional Borrower Card


An Institutional Borrower Card is available to educational and other nonprofit institutions located in Tyngsborough.  An Institutional Card allows the cardholder to borrow library materials from the Tyngsborough Public Library and other libraries in MVLC.



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